10 Knots & First Fish!

Monday, Feb 6th dawned with perfect winds for our passage to Georgetown – 15 knots from the ENE. This allowed us to sail all the way to Georgetown (the largest town in the Exuma chain) on a single tack. It was an excellent 7-hour sail, making an average of over 8 knots (at one point we hit 10 knots – a first for Panache!). As we were now on the east side of the Exumas, in Exuma Sound, the water was deep enough to fish for tuna, mahi-mahi and/or wahoo. We let the line out while we cruised down the cays – our first time fishing!

Just before we were going to pull into Stocking Island, a tuna hit. It was a small bonito, but still big enough to eat (can you say “Tuna Poké”? – photos and recipe to come in a subsequent post). Lindsay reeled it in and Price gaffed it. As we learned from Captain Ted (and from Randy), you should bleed tuna right away to prevent it tasting too fishy – so we did just that. Lindsay cleaned up the fish and the aft deck while Price & Gail went back to preparing the boat to enter harbour. The girls were so excited to have fresh fish onboard but decided to save it until Lindsay’s last night.

Georgetown is a mecca for boaters in the Bahamas. They say that lots of people make it here and never leave. Stocking island is just off Georgetown and acts as a breakwater that keeps the seas calm. It also features a large and excellent mooring ground for pleasure boats. We joined the other 100+ boats that were already at anchor (which we understand can sometimes reach as many as 200 vessels). After many nights in secluded anchorages, it was quite a change to be amongst so many other cruisers. The boats come in all shapes and sizes, including monohulls, catamarans, trimarans and a few power boats. Stocking is also home to another kind of mecca for boaters – the Chat & Chill. This beach bar is situated on a beautiful point with lots of picnic benches and its own beach volleyball court. Boaters flock here to do exactly as the name suggests – chat and chill.

Lindsay still needed to complete her diving certification, which we had to forgo in Nassau due to poor weather, so we signed her up to complete it here. We tagged along for the ride and did a “refresher” dive to help us get reacquainted with the training we completed 8 years ago on Grand Cayman (with Granny Jane). It was an excellent dive with lots of coral and fish to see. Lindsay went out the next day as well and has now earned her PADI certification. Way to go Linds!


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  1. AmyC on February 18, 2017 at 8:12 am

    Hi Price, Benny! Love the postings. All the shots are so beautiful. Happy Birthday Price! You seem very chill with the backwards cap in front of Chat & Chill 🙂

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