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Guadeloupe & Les Saintes – Burnetts Ahoy

Guadeloupe is straight south from Antigua. We made landfall in Deshaies (pronounced Days-ay) and cleared customs at a tee shirt shop. For each new country, you have to “clear-in” when you arrive and then “clear-out” when you leave. It’s time-consuming, but unavoidable. Before you’ve cleared-in, you must fly a solid yellow quarantine flag, commonly called…

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A Tough Scrape in Antigua

We thought we’d finished all our eastward passages when we got to St. Martin. Heading east means going straight into the trade winds and their associated rough seas. We had forgotten about the Nevis to Antigua passage. It’s due east and that’s where we needed to go next – another 10-hour washing machine ride. When…

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Four-Wheeling in St. Kitts & Nevis

A “salty sail” is one that features strong winds and significant seas. The passage from St. Barth’s to Saba definitely qualified as a salty sail. The wind was on our aft quarter, so we rocketed across the sea in record time. Brian and Tracy were ensconced in a safe spot near the stern and kept…

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Four-Wheeling in St. Barth’s

The sail from St. Martin to St. Barth’s (short for Saint Barthélemy) is only a couple of hours. We had bright sunshine all the way and landed a barracuda mid-passage. Barracuda are a sleek, pointy, nasty-piece-of-work. They have a long mouth with a ton of sharp teeth. They are edible, but apparently are bony and…

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