Big Major & the Swimming Pigs

We left Cambridge on Wednesday (Feb 1st) and started our way towards Big Major and Staniel Cay. Along the way we stopped at Pipe Cay to see a few turtles, but it was cold and rainy, so the expedition was cut short.

Big Major is a large bay and popular anchorage – there were about 30 boats with us in the harbour. It is located right across from Staniel Cay which has the only town, albeit very small, that we have seen since Nassau. The unique attraction of Big Major is that it is home to swimming feral pigs. Yes, you read that right, swimming pigs live here. They will swim up to your dinghy and are always looking for food as the tourists feed them – the apparent boss-in-charge came out to visit our dinghy when we arrived. These pigs are very large and can get a little bit aggressive when looking for food, so make sure you walk with your hands up above your shoulders, as they think that anything in your hand is food.

In addition to the large pigs, there are lots of small (and adorable) little piglets. They are much more approachable than their larger parents. While we were on the beach, two boats came in to see the pigs as well. Luckily, they had been there before and were much more comfortable with these “wild” animals. They were feeding them and having them swim in the water chasing food– quite a sight to see. See a video of it below.

Later we took a dinghy ride around the bend into Staniel Cay. Right at their docks there are tons of nurse sharks and even a few rays too. It was quite the sight to see them swimming under our dinghy as we entered the marina. They were cool to watch from the docks – check out our short video below. That night they also came to visit under our boat.

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