Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao

Cruising Curacao

The end of Sean’s holiday with us was fast approaching and he wanted to do the crossing to Curacao. So we said goodbye to our cruising buddies in Kralendijk and headed west. The sail from Bonaire to Curacao takes about 6-7 hours, so we were able to leave at first light and arrive in the…

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Bonaire Day Celebration

Bonaire Day is a national holiday. The events take place in the main square, starting in the morning with a typical succession of political speeches. Those wrap up around midday and then the festivities begin. Food and handicraft vendors are out in full force. The scouts have a marching band that plays during the raising…

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Pool Party in Bonaire

There is almost always a steady breeze in the Caribbean. However, as I mentioned in a previous post, the hurricanes north of us disrupted the normal wind patterns and created windless days. When that happens, you really notice the heat and humidity. One afternoon on just such a day, our group of cruising buddies agreed…

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Sean in Bonaire

Our kids, Lindsay and Sean, both live and work in Canada. We are keen to have them participate in our adventure, so we give them a ticket to join us each year. Lindsay spent three weeks with us in the Exumas last Jan/Feb and Sean picked Bonaire. This was the first time that he had…

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Bound for Bonaire

Note: the video below shows a cool aerial view of Bonaire & the mooring field at Kralendijk- it’s worth checking out. It was finally time to leave Grenada and head to Bonaire. Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, collectively referred to as the ABCs, are part of the Dutch Caribbean. While the ABCs have experienced the odd…

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