Hawksbill Cay

This place is beautiful, exquisite really. We left Shroud Cay this morning at 7:45am for a small anchorage at the south end of Hawksbill Cay. The trip took us just over and hour and we timed it so we would arrive around high tide. The bay we are in, tied to a mooring buoy, is quite shallow in spots with sand bars all around during low tide. The current moves through here like a river, very strong due to the shifting tides (up to 2 kts).

Most buoys have a short line (we call it a pigtail) that you can catch with a boat hook. You then thread your mooring line through the eye and back to the boat. This forms a v-shaped bridle that secures you to the mooring buoy. This particular one didn’t have a line for you could grab, so we had to throw a line over it – a tip we learned from Randy Holmes. Although this sounds easy, this took a good few tries by Gail and Lindsay. At one point Gail tried to swim to the buoy but found the currents too strong and had to be rescued as she floated by. We quickly decided to keep a line by the aft deck to throw to people caught in a similar predicament.

Once we got things sorted out, we set to the task of untwisting the main halyard. This process only took three hours! Somehow the halyard had become quite twisted and hard to work – it made it difficult to fully raise the mainsail. We are not sure how or why it happened, but it was something that was first noticed in Ft. Lauderdale. We will be posting a video on how we untwisted it at a later date.

Gail and Lindsay took a short trip in the dinghy around the bay, however with the many sandbars and strong currents running through the cut, they decided it was best to come back. The views are best seen from Panache, I suppose.

After that, the consensus was that mojitos were in order. Gail has a small garden under the seat of the helm station and had picked up a mint plant in New Providence. A perfect beverage to watch the sunset with.

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