Highbourne & Norman’s Cay

The high winds died down and it was time to leave the safety of Lyford Cay Marina. We departed in bright sunshine, headed around the west end of New Providence and turned SE past Conch Spit to Highbourne Cay, at the top end of the Exuma chain. Most of the 9-hour crossing was spent in less than 15 feet of water. There is a great shallow bank that runs down the west side of the Exuma group. The Exumas are a chain of cays and islands, about 120 nm long that run SE.

Spent the night on anchor at Highbourne. The girls went into the small marina there to look around and buy some bread. At US$9 a loaf, they only bought one!

The next day we headed down the chain to Norman’s Cay. It is a small cay, but has its own airstrip. This is left over from the days when it used to be a center for the drug traffic from South America to the US.

We anchored in a cut at the south end of the island, across from Wax Cay. There are about 8 monohulls and 2 trawlers on the hook here with us. The current runs east and west between the two cays, as the tide changes. This is very typical of the Bahamas in general.

We are just heading out in the dinghy to snorkel a sunken plane. The story is that it was a drug runner that crashed in the bay. The drugs weren’t lost, however, as they were well packaged and the gang members just motored out and picked up their possessions.

We will then head south to Shroud Cay. We will cover the plane wreck on our next post which will hopefully be on Wednesday, Feb 1st. We will have no Internet access until then.

Nassau to Georgetown Map

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  1. Elaine Galt on January 27, 2017 at 5:00 pm

    What a fantastic start. The water looks beautiful.

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