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Carnival in Grenada

Before I start with this week’s post, I want to let you all know that we are safe and sound in Bonaire (our blog always runs a bit behind where we actually are). Bonaire is an island just above Venezuela and is part of the Dutch Caribbean. It is more than 800km away from the…

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Liming in Grenada

In the Caribbean, the term “Liming” is used to mean, hanging around, chilling, shooting the breeze, kickin’ back, etc. It’s useful to have such a term as it’s widely practiced here in Grenada. One of the main reasons we came to Grenada was to get some work done on Panache before our warranty period expires…

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Monkeying Around

Over the last 8 months we have taken tours of many of the islands that we have visited – but not all. We have found every tour to be fascinating, and hope to fill in the missing ones when we visit the Caribbean again at the end of our circumnavigation. On Grenada we hired Cutty,…

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Grenada & Tropical Storms

An active underwater volcano lies directly between Carriacou and Grenada, called “Kickem Jenny”. It has erupted 13 times since 1939, most recently in 2015. It is a safety concern for boats, as the volcano periodically emits gas that fills the water with bubbles. Bubbly water is less dense than regular water, so much so that…

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Petit St. Vincent & Carriacou

From Mayreau it’s a 45-minute hop to Clifton Bay on Union Island. Similar to the Tobago Cays, the bay is sheltered behind an extensive reef and so enjoys strong winds with relatively calm seas. This is the perfect combination for kiteboarding, which you can watch while sipping a beer on Happy Island, a small bar…

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Flying High in the Tobago Cays

The next island in the Grenadine chain is Canouan. Benny keeps a close eye on, which, among many other things, provides updates on nefarious activities that impact cruisers around the world. Like St. Vincent, Canouan has a reputation for thievery, so, like St. Vincent, we decided to give it a miss. Further down the…

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Bequia & Mustique

When heading south from St. Lucia, the next island you encounter is St. Vincent. Unfortunately, there have been many incidents with cruisers over the last several years involving theft and worse. So sadly, like many other cruisers, we completely bypassed it. St. Vincent is actually just one part of “St. Vincent and the Grenadines”, the…

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