Thunderball Grotto

Do you love James Bond? If so, then you will love this! Part of the movie Thunderball was filmed in a grotto just off Staniel Cay. Most easily accessed at low-tide, this cave features amazing views both underwater and above including a large vaulted canopy with small holes letting in the sunlight. In addition to swimming in the same place as James Bond, Sean Connery, you will also love the awe-inspiring surroundings.

Lots of fish inhabit this area, so you will have plenty of friends to swim with. Fish love to eat oatmeal, so put some in a squeeze bottle and bring it with you. When you are at your destination, add a little salt water and squeeze out little bits of the oatmeal mixture at a time. The fish will go crazy for it!

Check out the video below of us swimming through the grotto.

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